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Order delicious and ready to cook prawns in Lahore

If you’re a conventional meat eater, you are probably a big fan of seafood also. This is because when it comes to meat, there is nothing more delicious and healthy than seafood. At the same time, there are loads of options to choose from in this category. Lahoris love to eat fried fish, but the real seafood enthusiasts crave a nice warm plate of freshly fried prawns. This is exactly why Qzeen offers the best prawns in Lahore that you can order online and receive at your doorstep within hours. All you have to do then is to cook and enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

Qzeen’s range of ready to eat prawns

The people of Lahore are not as used to eating prawns as the people living in coastal metropolitans such as Karachi. Lahore is landlocked, meaning prawns can be less common to find when you go out to eat. The next best thing is to buy frozen prawns from the local supermarket and try your hand at cooking them at home. In most cases, they just never turn out the way that you imagine.Moreover, cooking at home can be a huge hassle. With so many other things to juggle during the day, you’re constantly looking for convenient lunch, teatime and dinner food solutions. This is exactly where Qzeen comes to your rescue. At the same time, people take prawns to be a luxury food item, only available at fancy restaurants and winter weddings. Qzeen took to change this trend.We have in our range the best homemade prawns in Lahore that you can conveniently cook within minutes. No need to go to a fancy restaurant. We offer Tampura Prawns and everybody’s favorite, the larger Butterfly Prawns. Delivered to your doorstep frozen and within no time, Qzeen’s range of the best prawns in Lahore are going to change the way you consume seafood all year round.

What makes prawns so special?

Just the thought of prawns can be a mouthwatering prospect for many. Their rich flavor, crispy crunch in every bite and their handy nature are just a few of many reasons to love prawns. In addition to being delicious, prawns offer other numerous benefits also. Just like seafood in general, prawns are a rich source of proteins and other macro nutrients that help in general health and revitalization. Their protein rich natures means that they are a firm favorite amongst fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. They also supply a rich quantity of vitamins and such and zinc and magnesium that boost immunity and make you stronger.If you have ever been reluctant to eat prawns in Lahore, we must tell you that you make them a regular part of diet. This is because aside from being nutrient rich, prawns also help lose weight. Prawns are a lean source of food, meaning they have less calories and more protein. The next time you go meat shopping, you might want to add prawns to the basket also.

Order premium standard prawns in Lahore

When it comes to providing great food and service, Qzeen never compromises on quality. We procure our prawns and other seafood items from the best sources, guaranteeing taste and standard in every bite. So what are you waiting for? Order Qzeen’s best homemade prawns in Lahore today!