Why are households in Lahore trusting Qzeen amid the pandemic?

Qzeen focused on doing it all hygienically and carefully on a daily basis from the start. Be it purchasing, preparing, packing & then delivering at doorsteps, we have had a dedicated and well-trained staff supervised by the Head Chef & Founder.

After the WHO announced the COVID19 outbreak as a pandemic on 11 March 2020, the initial reaction of even our most loyal customers was to rush to their nearest stores and stock up! Everyone had for a certain time period let go of their values & beliefs of consuming food. They started eating processed meat, snacks and condiments with preservatives and essence; basically everything and anything available on the shelves of grocery stores.

We had to adapt & evolve fast. Re-evaluating our entire process of order taking, purchasing, preparing, packaging and then delivering at your doorsteps. Here are the steps we took to ensure our customers were reminded of how it is still safe and healthier to eat food prepared at someone’s home you trust, which is fresh and has no preservatives, no taste enhancers and no artificial flavors.

  1. Developed a Website: qzeenhomemade.com

Within 30 days of the announcement, we understood the changing customer behavior and provided them with an easy way of placing their orders and gain Qzeen Points! Not only did we take away the friction from taking orders, we also provided our customers with payment options through Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa & Online Bank Transfers.

  1. Reduced Delivery Charges

Qzeen takes pride in its World Class end to end customer service! We believe the order journey is not over till we hand over the food ourselves to your doorstep, to ensure we maintain control over hygiene & quality.

  1. Monitored & Communicated Staff Temperature

We invested in an infrared thermometer gun at a time it was selling at a premium price. The temperature for every member of the staff is monitored and recorded. The temperature of the kitchen staff who prepares and packs your meal and the delivery staff who delivers it is mentioned on your order slip. Above that, alcohol disinfectant pads are provided as an added precaution.

  1. Continuous Education of House Members & Staff

Operating a home-based foodservice means each member of the house has to be complying with the same SOPs. Everyone is instructed to wash their hands with soap after every hour. Personal sanitizers & masks are provided. A motorbike was provided to a helper who initially used public transport to reach our home. Everyone is kept hydrated and has been instructed to communicate in case of health concerns.

The bilingual image attached to this post is just one example of how we have educated our staff and adapted our SOPs. As a home-based food service since 2013, we believe our success has been due to treating our customers like family. We would prepare and deliver the food to your doorstep, just the way we would do it for our family members. We thank each one of you for your trust in our service. Like always, we are open to feedback, it helps us improve.

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