5 reasons to have Qzeen’s homemade seafood this winter!

Qzeen homemade seafood

Finding high-quality homemade seafood in the city of Lahore can be a hassle. Gone are the days where our elders would fetch the best catch from Tolinton Market! Qzeen has been selling ready to prepare, frozen seafood for the last 4 years in Lahore! Here are 5 reasons to have Qzeen’s homemade seafood this winter […]

Why are Shami Kebabs one of our best selling products?

Chicken shami kebabs

It simply comes down to quality. Not compromising on the ratios: maintaining the standard of production day in, day out. Qzeen’s Homemade Shami Kebabs are dominated by chicken/beef shredded by hand, bound by pulses with mild spices and herbs. A dozen Shami Kebabs would weigh above 700 to 1000 grams. The story of Shami Kebabs goes that […]

Why are households in Lahore trusting Qzeen amid the pandemic?

Qzeen focused on doing it all hygienically and carefully on a daily basis from the start. Be it purchasing, preparing, packing & then delivering at doorsteps, we have had a dedicated and well-trained staff supervised by the Head Chef & Founder. After the WHO announced the COVID19 outbreak as a pandemic on 11 March 2020, […]