5 reasons to have Qzeen’s homemade seafood this winter!

Qzeen homemade seafood

Finding high-quality homemade seafood in the city of Lahore can be a hassle. Gone are the days where our elders would fetch the best catch from Tolinton Market! Qzeen has been selling ready to prepare, frozen seafood for the last 4 years in Lahore!

Qzeen homemade seafood

Here are 5 reasons to have Qzeen’s homemade seafood this winter in Lahore:

  1. Qzeen’s homemade seafood (fish & prawns) are better than any you have had before as the seafood is carefully sourced from our trusted vendors from the coasts of the Arabian Sea
  2. The seafood is prepared with love by a mother at home with the utmost care to hygiene
  3. Qzeen’s seafood is very convenient to prepare! Simply toss them out of your freezer and fry as they are ready to prepare and enjoyed by friends and family
  4. The taste of Qzeen’s seafood is incomparable to any prawns and fish you may have had. You simply cannot get enough of them
  5. Each customer order for seafood is prepared fresh so you never have to worry about the product’s expiry life or quality

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